Press releases,
Madrid, Spain. April 2018
Meanwhile our team is on fire getting prepared for the big Robo Tech event taking place in Madrid, Spain later this April.
Industry leaders are going to show the world their latest achievments both in technology and software solutions.
As we strive to become leaders in AI solutions segment we'll be represent our visions of Robotic Future, as well as our cloud software solution which allows any robot turn into autonomous one.
PureMind CEO Alex Kotov declares our main goal for this forum is to sign cooperation agreements with companies wishing to get theirselves to the next level of Robot Autonomy.
So, come see us on April 19-20 at IFEMA - MADRID
Moscow, Russia. March 2018
The next RoboSector was held on March 29 in Moscow, bringing together the participants of the professional community. In 2018, the main focus was the acute and conscious need to improve the interaction of robotic systems with humans. A number of hypotheses have been put forward on possible solutions. One of the obvious solutions, which all experts noted, is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI, AI) in robots. This will solve many of the most complex issues of human-robot interaction, including functionality and security.
The representatives of PureMind who attended the event told about their vision of the solution of this problem - the cloud-based AI platform for the robot.
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Samara, Russia. March 2018
Manufacturing seminar
Togliatti, Russia. March 2018
Robots in manufacturing (Zhiguly valley)
Togliatti, Russia. February 2018
PureMind held a seminar about today`s state and cases of Artificial Intelligence
Moscow, Russia. November 2017
PureMind CEO Alexey Kotov took part in CNEWS.FORUM`17 the most representative IT event in Russia.