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Cloud Robotic Intelligence. Expand your Robot autonomy by PureMind SaaS platform
What is the Cloud-based Robotic AI by PureMind
PureMind SaaS robotic AI Platform offers "brains" for manually-operated machines, service, consumer and industrial robots. With our cloud-based platform all you need is to download and configure application on your robot to send commands to robot controller. The application connects to SaaS platform for high-performance tasks like detection, recognition or decision making based on deep learning algorithms. SaaS Platform includes interfaces for multi-robots collaboration, multi-robot monitoring and task setting interface. Platform also includes a reporting system.
Do I need a PureMind platform?
If you are robot developer
No need to develop basic functions. Focus on your unique functions.
If you are manually-operated machine manufacturer
Transform your machine into robot with cloud-based platform instead of expensive R&D
If you need an autonomous robot
Contact us to choose one of our partners for your task
Key reasons to choose PureMind AI for your Robots
1. All-in-One
Automate computer vision based SLAM, language processing and decision making AI in one platform. Includes intelligence for Collaborative robots
2. Affordable
Get the most of modern features, easy implementation and great support with one SaaS service. Make your Robots intelligent at an affordable price
3. Ease-of-use
Cloud based SaaS service that is high-performance, secure, fast, and simple to use
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