Pure Mind

Artificial Intelligence systems

Our team have been developing products based on computer vision technology since 2013. We founded PureMind at the end of 2015 to create solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology. Our mission - to make the space around the man more comfortable. This means that all the surrounding subjects: furniture, equipment, vehicles, etc. will adapt to the habits and desires of the owner or user, understand human language, analyze the mood and health of man and changing accordingly. We spend a lot of time to R&D in order to efficiently and comprehensively solve tasks. PureMind will help to change your life for the better.

Natural Language Processing

We use a number of algorithms that allow computers to process and understand human languages. Range of tasks solved by us includes syntactic parsing and tagging, sentiment analysis, natural language texts generation and others.

Computer Vision

Usage area of such algorithms is understanding from digital images or videos by computers. This technology can be used for event detection, video tracking, object recognition, image restoration etc. For example we use computer vision in our project SmartKi - console, which makes an ordinary refrigerator "smart".

Research & Development

We spend a lot of time conducting research to solve difficult tasks in medicine, educational systems, creating robots and unmanned vehicles and IoT devices.