Artificial intelligence for mobile robots
A software solution that allows you to transform your device into a stand-alone robot

Use cases


Floorcare machines. Autonomous scrubbers can significantly save the cost of cleaning the premises. Participation of a person in cleaning is required only in corners, on flights of stairs and other difficult areas. Our autonomous robot intelligence allows the manufacturer of scrubbers to save time and resources on the development of a completely new "robotic" model of the floorcare machine.

Healthcare, Hospitality

Indoor logistics.
Allows the delivery of small loads, such as test tubes or debris in the hospital, to free up staff time for more important tasks. The use of the PureMind autonomous robot system allows you to free time for employees to move goods from one point to another. Thus, each employee can perform more tasks.

Manufacturers, Warehouses

Warehouse machines.
Release workers from simple cargo transport operations within the warehouse or in the production? This is realistic with the intelligence of autonomous robots from PureMind. Any manufacturer of warehouse loaders or trolleys for the transport of goods can easily integrate the artificial intelligence system into its equipment thanks to the API, turning it into a robot.

HoReCa, Entertainment

Robots-guides, waiters.
The loyalty of your guests and interest to your institution immediately increase by several times, if robots will serve your visitors. Service robots manufacturers can significantly improve the positioning and routing function of their robots, using advanced SLAM by PureMind based on deep learning algorithms.

Airports, Safety departments

Security robots.
At the airport, at power generation facilities, transportation of energy resources, etc. special security measures are required. Guards can not always look into any corner and follow right behind all points of the protected perimeter. The use of robots that perform functions of observing the surrounding space allows you to call a person only in cases of detection of a hazard or to predict the occurrence of such a situation. Adaptation of the robotic trolley with PureMind artificial intelligence for stand-alone robots will allow to turn it into a robot-guard.


• Ease to embed (API included)
• Safe (safety is a priority)
• High-performance (GPU cloud)
• Fully autonomous (no need to transform environment with any markers or devices)
• Universally (May be used in any mobile robots or transform any device into mobile robot)
• People-friendly


• Onboard + Cloud artificial intelligence
• Deep learning algorithms
    o Computer vision
    o Object detection and recognition
    o SLAM
    o Decision making algorithms
• Virtual environment for training and testing purposes